होम News Jharkhand’s Agricultural Revolution: 50% Subsidy on Modern Machinery for Farmers

Jharkhand’s Agricultural Revolution: 50% Subsidy on Modern Machinery for Farmers


The Jharkhand state administration unveiled Chief Minister Tractor Distribution Scheme a ground-breaking programme as a major step to increase agricultural output and farmers’ income. Under this programme, farmers will receive a sizable 50% subsidy on 1112 tractors and 970 pieces of agricultural equipment. The programme, which mostly targets areas that receive rain, attempts to equip farmers with contemporary equipment and encourage environmentally responsible farming methods. Jharkhand’s Agricultural Revolution

Procedure for Application and Implementation: The Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Cooperative shall be in charge of carrying out the plan. Farmers can apply for the subsidy offline through district agriculture officers or online via the special portal A committee chaired by the district deputy commissioner will review the applications. Following approval, the farmer’s bank account will receive the subsidy amount after they have purchased the tractor or other equipment.

Benefits and Impact: It is anticipated that this programme will assist about 2084 farmers in Jharkhand by providing them with reasonably priced access to state-of-the-art agricultural machinery. Beyond just the financial benefits, the plan will reduce farming businesses’ need on energy and diesel, promoting sustainability in agriculture

Financial Allocation: The state government demonstrates its dedication to agricultural growth and supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of doubling farmers’ income by 2022 with an allocation of Rs 100 crore for the current fiscal year. This subsidy programme complements a range of farmer-focused programmes, including as crop insurance, soil health cards, free electricity for irrigation pumps, and the encouragement of organic farming.

In summary, Jharkhand’s proactive efforts to assist farmers not only bolster the agricultural industry but also advance the larger goal of sustainable and successful farming. The implementation of this subsidy programme is a significant step in equipping farmers with the resources they require to succeed in contemporary agriculture. Keep checking back for more information on this ground-breaking project.

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