होम Politics Jharkhand Legislative Assembly’s 23-Year Journey: A Push for Growth and Development”

Jharkhand Legislative Assembly’s 23-Year Journey: A Push for Growth and Development”


The Jharkhand Legislative Assembly is celebrating its founding day today, and Ramchandra Singh will receive the Distinguished Legislator Award.

November 22 is celebrated as the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly’s foundation day. On this day in 2000, the first Speaker, Indar Singh Namdhari, took the oath, ushering in the first session of the assembly. The Jharkhand Legislative Assembly was established on November 20, according to its official website. Protem Speaker Visheshwar Khan took the oath from the Governor on that day in 2000. This Wednesday is the 23rd Foundation Day of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly. Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan will preside over the ceremony, and Chief Minister Hemant Soren will be the special guest.

The Bhagwan Birsa Munda Distinguished Legislator Award will be given to Manika-based Congressman Ramchandra Singh during the event. Athletes who have excelled in sports and soldiers who gave their lives protecting the nation’s frontiers will also be honoured.

Rabindranath Mahato, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, will give a welcome speech to open the celebration. Mithilesh Kumar Mishra, the Joint Secretary of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Deputy Secretary Vishnu Paswan, Prashakha Officer Nilesh Kumar Singh, Niyaz Ahmad, the Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat, Tapas Kumar Yadav, and attendant Michael Lakda are among the six chosen officials and staff members of the Legislative Assembly who will be honoured with the late Kapeeshwar Prasad Award.

Jharkhand folk tunes will be performed during the cultural event that ends the Foundation Day celebration on Thursday. The cultural event will be unforgettable with performances by comedian Ravindra Jani, ghazal singer Kumar Satyam, and versatile singer Javed Ali.

As the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly concludes its 23-year term, Assembly Speaker Rabindra Nath Mahato declared it is past time for Jharkhand to overtake other states in terms of growth. He emphasised how quickly the state had developed and voiced optimism for even greater advancements. While acknowledging the legislators’ sometimes contentious demeanour, he focused on the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly’s overall successful operation. Speaking to concerns over party transitions, he pledged a persistent search for answers.

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