होम Health New COVID Variant JN-1 Emerges

New COVID Variant JN-1 Emerges


In Kerala, rising cases of COVID-19 have triggered renewed concerns among the public. The Health Department has issued an alert, prompting preparations for COVID testing and various other arrangements. Additionally, directives have been given to initiate COVID tests at railway stations and airports. Preparedness for COVID at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is also underway.

The Health Department in Kerala has alerted all hospitals regarding the escalating cases of COVID, emphasizing the need for comprehensive arrangements, from testing to treatment facilities.

In response, preparations have been initiated at various hospitals, including RIMS and the district hospital. COVID testing will commence at railway stations and airports in the next three to four days, focusing on sampling only suspicious individuals.

A new variant of the COVID virus, JN-1, has emerged, and testing for this variant will be conducted using the genomics sequencing machine at RIMS. Regular COVID tests will be performed using the RT-PCR machine, with assistance from RIMS.

The district headquarters is actively preparing for these tests as well. The health authorities are taking necessary measures to strengthen the existing infrastructure for COVID testing and treatment. The district hospital has also started preparations for conducting tests.

Notably, with thousands of COVID cases reported continuously in Kerala, a nationwide alert has been issued. Hospitals have been instructed to enhance their preparedness for COVID patients based on established guidelines, covering testing and treatment.

In the district headquarters, arrangements for oxygen supply have been fully ensured. Efforts are underway to improve oxygen facilities in rural CHCs, and initiatives have been launched to enhance facilities using the COBAS machine for COVID testing at RIMS. Various essential items, including facilities to improve infrastructure and combat COVID, are being procured as part of ongoing efforts.

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