होम News Jharkhand Employees Get 4% Increase in Inflation Allowance

Jharkhand Employees Get 4% Increase in Inflation Allowance


Jharkhand government employees have reason to rejoice as the state government has increased their inflation allowance by four percent. This means they will now receive a 50% inflation allowance, up from the previous 46%. The benefit will also extend to pensioners. The State Cabinet, in its meeting on Tuesday, approved a total of 30 proposals, including increasing the inflation allowance.

The increased inflation allowance will be effective from January 2024. During the State Cabinet meeting, revisions were also made to the transportation allowance for state employees.

  • Transportation Allowance for Level One and Two employees has been increased. Previously set at 1350 rupees plus DA, it has now been raised to 2600 plus DA.
  • Similarly, for Level Three employees, it has been raised from 900 plus DA to 1800 plus DA.
  • Additionally, a decision was made to provide a 2500 rupee incentive amount to Panchayat Sevaks, amounting to an annual expenditure of 52 crores.

Focus on Tribal and Regional Language Education in Primary Schools

The Department of School Education and Literacy will conduct surveys of government schools in 24 districts to promote education in tribal and regional languages. Schools will be selected for teaching tribal and regional languages based on this survey, and appointments of clock-hour-based teachers will be made.

For this purpose, Selection Committees will be formed at the block level. Trained teachers will receive 200 rupees per hour and 600 rupees per working day, while untrained teachers will receive 120 rupees per hour and 360 rupees per working day. They may work up to 25 days per month.

Expansion of Services for DFOs and ACFs

In the Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, a decision was taken to extend the services of Divisional Forest Officers (DFOs) and Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACFs) for one to three years, considering the vacant positions. There are currently 62 active DFOs out of a total of 384 positions in the state. During the service extension, there will be no salary increase, ACP, MACP, or promotion.

Similarly, there is a shortage of ACF officers in the state, with only 20 out of 156 positions currently filled. Their service can also be extended for a maximum of three years.

Changes in Examination System for Government Schools

In the meeting, approval was given for an annual assessment program for students in classes one to seven in government and non-government aided (including minority) primary schools, as well as Jharkhand free and compulsory primary education under the Right to Education Act, 2011.

Under this, assessment and annual exams for children in first and second classes will be conducted orally at their respective schools. Exams for classes three to seven will be conducted at the cluster level. The annual assessment of eighth-grade students will be conducted by the Jharkhand Academic Council, as before.

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