होम News Dhanbad Administration Issues Guidelines for Peaceful Ram Navami and Eid Celebrations

Dhanbad Administration Issues Guidelines for Peaceful Ram Navami and Eid Celebrations


The Dhanbad district administration has issued fresh guidelines for the upcoming celebrations of Ram Navami and Eid ul-Fitr, keeping in mind the upcoming elections and maintaining communal harmony.

Key Guidelines

  • All Akhara Dals participating in Ram Navami processions must be non-political. Slogans raised during the processions should also be devoid of political messaging. Violators will face action under the model code of conduct.
  • Strict adherence to Section 144 is mandatory across the Dhanbad अनुमंडल (subdivision). Permission from the Incor portal is required for any event exceeding five attendees.
  • Only registered Akhara Dals will be allowed to hold processions during Ram Navami. No new registrations will be entertained by the district administration. Akhara Dals must follow their designated routes.
  • A sufficient number of volunteers must be deployed by each Akhara Dal to ensure smooth conduct of the processions throughout.
  • A complete ban has been imposed on the sale and consumption of liquor during the festivals. Additionally, playing DJs and using loudspeakers between 10 pm and 6 am will be strictly prohibited.
  • Akhara Dals are instructed to refrain from performing stunts or demonstrations involving sharp weapons that could endanger the safety of spectators.

Police Directives

Senior Superintendent of Police Hardeep P Janardan urged for peaceful celebrations and requested the public to identify and report any potential troublemakers to the authorities. He informed that the administration is taking strict action against anti-social elements under the Crime Control Act to maintain law and order during the festive season.

Suggestions Received

Several suggestions were received during the meeting, including providing identification badges to 11 members of each Akhara Dal, repairing streetlights and high mast lights in specific areas, regulating traffic movement during processions, and ensuring a sufficient supply of drinking water. The Deputy Commissioner assured that these suggestions would be addressed through a meeting with district-level officials.

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