होम News New Sidho-Kanho Library in Raidih, Gumla

New Sidho-Kanho Library in Raidih, Gumla


New Sidho-Kanho Library Opens in Gumla: A Hub for Learning and Exploration

In a significant stride towards nurturing knowledge and education, a new Sidho-Kanho library was inaugurated in the vibrant locale of Raidih, Gumla. This remarkable initiative is a collaborative effort between the District Administration, District Education Department, and the invaluable support of UNICEF. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the commencement of a hub that promises to open doors to a world of wisdom and wonder.

A Treasury of Knowledge:
The library stands adorned with a diverse collection of over 2,000 books spanning a myriad of subjects. From science to history, geography to literature, and art to culture, the shelves house a treasure trove of knowledge that beckons the curious minds of children and youth alike. Alongside the traditional reservoir of wisdom, the library boasts a digital enclave equipped with modern technology. Computers, tablets, and unhindered internet access provide avenues for digital exploration, ushering in an era where technology and learning seamlessly converge.

Igniting Curiosity and Learning:
Beyond being a repository of books and digital resources, the library is envisioned as a dynamic space fostering the love for reading, learning, and exploration. A medley of activities, ranging from engaging book clubs to riveting storytelling sessions, stimulating quizzes to spirited competitions, will be orchestrated. These initiatives are meticulously designed to kindle the flames of curiosity, enlivening the reading culture and elevating learning outcomes.

Gateway to Inspiration:
The library, an embodiment of dedication and vision, welcomes its patrons from 10 am to 5 pm on all working days. The inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including District Collector karan satyarthi , District Education Officer Rajesh Kumar Singh, UNICEF Education Specialist Dr. Rajesh Sinha, Block Development Officer Pradeep Kumar Singh, and Block Education Officer Rameshwar Prasad Singh. Their presence underscores the library’s significance as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment.

Honoring the Legacy:
District Collector karan satyarthi paid homage to the indomitable spirit of tribal freedom fighters Sidho and Kanho during the ceremony. These brave souls led the Santhal rebellion against British rule in 1855-56. He emphasized that the library stands as a testament to their legacy, aimed at inspiring the youth to walk in their footsteps. By nurturing young minds, the library aspires to cultivate a generation actively contributing to society’s and the nation’s progress.

As the pages of this new chapter turn, the Sidho-Kanho library promises to be more than just a physical space; it’s poised to be a realm of enlightenment, inspiration, and growth for generations to come.

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