होम News Ranchi Police Launches e-FIR System

Ranchi Police Launches e-FIR System


The Ranchi police have made a significant advancement in modernising by launching their state-of-the-art online platform, ‘e-FIR,‘ which is specifically designed to make the procedure of reporting cases under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other legislation more efficient. This initiative’s main goal is to make First Information Reports (FIRs) easier and faster to file and track for the general public and law enforcement. In addition to making it easier for cases to be uploaded, the user-friendly platform gives complainants the ability to download copies of their FIRs and monitor the progress of their cases in real time.

The e-FIR site represents a huge advancement in efficiency, since it was created to reduce the workload of law enforcement officers and improve the quality of their investigations. It offers a platform for tracking the status of cases, guaranteeing prompt resolutions, and producing informative reports and statistics for thorough analysis and planning.

Last Saturday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren officially opened the site at the state police headquarters. He praised the project for its potential to improve accountability and openness within the police force. He exhorted law enforcement organisations to use technology as a tool to increase productivity and effectiveness in general.

The portal, which can be accessed via the Ranchi police website (https://ranchipolice.com/), enables complainants to easily file their cases. The reporting process is made easier with an easy-to-use online form and the option to submit pertinent documents. The portal sends an OTP for authentication after confirming complainants’ email addresses and mobile numbers to further security. After a successful verification process, the complainant receives an exclusive e-FIR number from the portal through email and SMS, which they may use to download a copy of the FIR and track the progress of their case.

Committed to openness, the site makes sure that there is constant communication between investigating officers and complainants by sending out alerts and updates regarding the status of their cases. Additionally, complaints are welcomed to offer comments and recommendations, which promotes cooperation between the public and the police.

The Ranchi police have issued a public call to action, urging people to use the e-FIR system to register cases and stressing the value of collaboration in upholding law and order. For other jurisdictions looking to modernise and improve public service delivery, Ranchi’s e-FIR portal serves as a model as technology continues to transform law enforcement procedures.

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