होम News Ranchi Shines Bright: A Triumph in the India Smart City Contest 2022

Ranchi Shines Bright: A Triumph in the India Smart City Contest 2022


Milestone Achievement: Ranchi Secures Top Spot in India Smart City Contest

In a remarkable feat that has sent waves of jubilation across the city, Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, emerges with resplendent pride. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, in conjunction with the India Smart City Award Contest 2022, has announced Ranchi as the frontrunner among cities in the eastern region with a population exceeding 1 million. This accolade has sparked celebrations among the local populace.

The released notification underscores the pivotal role of innovation, economic growth, and urban mobility in securing Ranchi’s premier position among smart cities in the eastern region. The city’s meticulous efforts towards holistic development, coupled with meticulous planning and execution, have firmly established Ranchi as the leader in this distinguished contest.

The collective contributions of three pivotal aspects have been instrumental in elevating Ranchi to this zenith. The city’s exceptional economic growth is underscored by the acquisition of a sprawling 656-acre land parcel in Dhurwa, facilitated by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO). The government’s investment of approximately 700 crore INR stands as a testament to their commitment. Additionally, this investment is projected to yield revenue estimates of nearly 2500 crore INR upon the development, sale, and leasing of the property, solidifying this model as the pinnacle of success.

Furthermore, Ranchi’s resolute focus on enhancing urban mobility has borne significant fruit. A notable highlight is the installation of cycle stands across various locations, offering free bicycle usage to the general public, with a particular emphasis on school-going youths and young women. This initiative has been especially beneficial, promoting a healthier mode of transportation and instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment. To complement this initiative, the city has embarked on constructing dedicated cycle tracks, promising enhanced safety and convenience.

The city’s commitment to innovation is strikingly evident through the implementation of the Command Control and Communication Center, overseeing vehicular movement along Ranchi’s Ring Road. A state-of-the-art automatic number plate recognition system has been deployed across 14 routes. Moreover, information dissemination has been facilitated through strategically placed display boards, offering insights into government initiatives and real-time weather updates.

This extraordinary accolade is a testament to the government’s visionary approach and tireless efforts in shaping Ranchi’s future. Last year as well, Ranchi had held the coveted first position among cities in the eastern region boasting a population exceeding one million, underscoring its consistent commitment to progress and development

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