होम News Ministry of Education’s 2024 New Guidelines for Coaching Centers

Ministry of Education’s 2024 New Guidelines for Coaching Centers


Ministry of Education’s rolled out fresh directives to revolutionize coaching centers across the country. Entitled ‘Guidelines for Regulation of Coaching Centers 2024,’ these rules, accessible on the official Ministry of Education website (education.gov.in), aim to elevate standards for coaching centers, providing robust support for study programs, competitive exams, and academics.

Ministry of Education's 2024 New Guidelines for Coaching Centers

“Defining Coaching Centers”

These guidelines categorize a ‘coaching center’ as any facility, run by an individual, offering coaching for study programs, competitive tests, or academic support at the school, college, or university level, catering to a student capacity exceeding 50. The criteria cover aspects such as fees, study hours, penalties, and minimum area requirements.

“Registering for Excellence”

Coaching centers are mandated to seek registration with local authorities, following specific forms, fees, and document requirements as stipulated by the government. Notably, each branch of a coaching center is treated as a distinct entity, necessitating separate registration applications. Additionally, coaching centers are prohibited from enrolling students below 16 years or hiring tutors with qualifications below graduation.

“Student-Friendly Environments”

Enrollment is open to students above 16 years, post successful completion of secondary school exams. The guidelines emphasize reasonable and transparent tuition fees. A comprehensive prospectus, prominently displayed, must detail courses, duration, classes, tutorials, hostel facilities, fees, exit policies, and refund procedures.

“Complaint Resolution and Student Support”

Mechanisms for filing complaints are established for students, parents, tutors, and coaching centers. Competent authorities or inquiry committees will address these within thirty days. Pro-rata refunds are mandated for mid-course withdrawals within ten days, and any fee increases during the course are strictly prohibited.

“Creating Safe and Supportive Spaces”

Coaching centers are required to allocate a minimum of one square meter per student, ensuring compliance with fire safety and building codes. Adequate electrification, ventilation, lighting, and security measures, including CCTV cameras, are mandatory. Class schedules should not overlap with regular school hours, and both students and tutors must have mandatory weekly offs.

“Ensuring Compliance: Penalties for Violations”

The guidelines incorporate a penalty system for coaching centers breaching the terms or conditions of registration. The first offense incurs a ₹25,000 penalty, the second offense warrants a ₹1 lakh penalty, and repeated breaches may lead to registration revocation.

These guidelines signify a bold step toward creating a more accountable and student-centric coaching environment in India, ensuring quality education for all.

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