होम Health Jharkhand Takes Firm Action with Ayushman Yojana Fraud

Jharkhand Takes Firm Action with Ayushman Yojana Fraud


421 hospitals in Jharkhand have faced repercussions for their involvement in fraudulent activities related to the Ayushman Yojana, a flagship healthcare scheme in the state. The move comes after 78 hospitals were removed from the approved list, signaling a stringent stance against malpractice.

Since its initiation, the Ayushman Yojana has provided medical coverage to a total of 1.22 crore beneficiaries in Jharkhand. Approximately 17.5 lakh beneficiaries have received medical facilities under the scheme, with a total allocated amount of 1946 crores. Notably, serious illnesses like cancer, kidney ailments (1109 cases), heart issues (163 cases), and neurological disorders (77 cases) have been treated under the plan in the past month.

The Jharkhand State Health Society has taken strict action against hospitals failing to comply with the Ayushman Bharat Yojana regulations. The Central National Health Authority has acknowledged the state’s efforts in penalizing these 421 hospitals, ensuring accountability and transparency.

The crackdown saw four hospitals suspended, including:

Additionally, 78 hospitals, notably nine in Ranchi, have been delisted from the scheme. Moreover, fines totaling nearly 99.65 lakhs have been imposed on 89 hospitals, including:

  • Asclepius Center for Medical Sciences
  • Buddhist Mission 2009
  • Konta Care Eye Hospital
  • Health Point Hospital
  • Kashyap Nursing Home
  • Madi Memorial Hospital and Research Center
  • Sarju Nursing Home
  • Shree Super Speciality Hospital
  • Swastik ENT Center
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