होम News Eklavya Vidyalaya Expansion in Jharkhand: New Schools and Renovation Fund Approved

Eklavya Vidyalaya Expansion in Jharkhand: New Schools and Renovation Fund Approved


In a significant stride towards enhancing education, the central government has greenlit a substantial grant of Rs 5 crore for the renovation of Eklavya Vidyalaya in Jharkhand, following a proposal from the state government. Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda made this announcement, also revealing plans to inaugurate 89 new Eklavya Vidyalayas across the state.

Expressing the government’s commitment to delivering quality education to tribal children, Minister Arjun Munda stated that there are presently 285 Eklavya Vidyalayas nationwide, with 20 situated in Jharkhand. The central government has resolved to establish one Eklavya Vidyalaya in every block where the tribal population exceeds 50 percent or totals more than 20,000 individuals.

Each of these new schools will be funded with Rs 38 crore for construction and an additional Rs 26 lakh annually for operational expenses. The schools will be equipped with modern amenities including smart classrooms, computer labs, science labs, libraries, and sports facilities.

However, for these schools to become operational, the state government is required to provide the necessary land and teachers. To expedite this process, the state government has been urged to accelerate land acquisition and teacher recruitment. Furthermore, the central government will extend support through training and capacity-building programs for the teachers.

Following the CBSE syllabus, the Eklavya Vidyalayas will incorporate local culture and language into their curriculum. Additionally, these schools will emphasize skill development and vocational education for tribal students. Special provisions for reservation have been made, catering to girls and differently-abled students, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

These Eklavya Vidyalayas are poised to become benchmarks of excellence in tribal education, aiming to enhance learning outcomes and employability among tribal students. Moreover, they will play a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the tribal communities in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative initiative, shaping a brighter future for tribal education in Jharkhand.

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