A new maritime storm is brewing in the Bay of Bengal, promising a kaleidoscope of atmospheric changes, so get ready for an enthralling weather experience. Updates from the Ranchi weather centre show that a cyclonic circulation has formed in the Bay of Bengal. There’s a lot of expectation that it will become more active around November 25. On November 26, a low-pressure system will emerge in the Bay of Bengal, causing havoc throughout the surrounding area.

Weather Wonders

There’s going to be an interesting change in the weather. For the next two to three days following the Chhath festival, there will be a cool breeze. But the temperature will rise once more, and the weather will become warmer. The impending marine storm in the Bay of Bengal is what is causing these changes.

As per the most recent reports from the Ranchi weather centre, it is anticipated that the cyclonic circulation will become more intense by November 25. A low-pressure area is expected to form in the Bay of Bengal by November 26, bringing with it a vibrant change in the weather pattern.

It’s possible that by November 27 this system will become stronger and transform into a depression. The potential effects of this depression on Dhanbad and the surrounding areas are being closely monitored by the Meteorological Department. Right now, the arrival of maritime clouds is a sign that the temperature is going up.

The minimum temperature won’t change significantly over the course of the next three to four days. After that, though, a modest rise of two to three degrees is anticipated. Dispersed clouds are also a possibility starting on November 26.

Current Weather in Jamtara: Over the next two days, clear skies are predicted for Jamtara and the surrounding areas. The minimum temperature will continue to drop throughout this time. It is probable that the temperature will be measured in the range of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Seven to nine kilometres per hour are predicted to be the wind speed.

When the morning mist or fog passes, the weather in Dhanbad is predicted to stay clear and dry. With mild sunshine during the day and cool weather in the evenings, there won’t be any major changes to the temperature.

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