होम News Jharkhand Weather Alert: IMD Warns of Rain

Jharkhand Weather Alert: IMD Warns of Rain


Residents of Jharkhand might expect a change in weather patterns during the next two days as a result of an approaching western disturbance. According to the most recent India Meteorological Department (IMD) reports, certain areas of the state, particularly Ranchi and its neighbouring districts, may expect light to moderate rain or snowfall. Furthermore, the lowest temperature is expected to drop by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, exacerbating the current cold wave. Jharkhand Weather Alert

This disturbance, defined as a low-pressure system starting in the Mediterranean Sea and moving eastward, is known to provide increased moisture and precipitation across northern and central India. Its impact becomes more noticeable during the winter season, bringing rain, snow, fog, and hailstorms to some places.

The IMD has issued a yellow signal for Jharkhand, signifying potentially hazardous weather conditions for different activities. This advisory, which is in force from November 4 to November 5, urges the IMD to advise individuals to limit outdoor activities and stay indoors as much as possible.

According to forecasts, the impact of the western disturbance will reduce after November 5, resulting in clearer and drier weather conditions. Despite this, the cold wave is forecast to continue across Jharkhand, with lowest temperatures expected to remain below 10 degrees Celsius in most parts of the state. As a result, the IMD urges inhabitants to take essential precautions against the cold, such as wearing warm clothes, in order to be comfortable and safe.

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