होम News Jharkhand’s Green Corridor Expressway: Transforming Ranchi to Sahibganj Connectivity

Jharkhand’s Green Corridor Expressway: Transforming Ranchi to Sahibganj Connectivity


Jharkhand’s Green Corridor

The Jharkhand government has unveiled ambitious plans for a new expressway, known as the Green Corridor, aimed at enhancing connectivity between Ranchi and several districts, including Sahibganj. This four-lane road, spanning approximately 325 km, is expected to bring about significant improvements in travel time and logistics costs.

Route Overview

The proposed expressway will follow an entirely new alignment, connecting Ranchi to Sahibganj via key districts such as Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Koderma, Giridih, Deoghar, Dumka, Godda, and Pakur.

Faster and Direct Travel

The primary objective behind the development of this four-lane expressway is to streamline and expedite travel between districts. By offering a quicker and more direct route, the project aims to substantially reduce both distances and travel times.

Project Proposal and Approval

The proposal for this ambitious infrastructural project has been crafted by the NH sub-division and currently awaits approval from the Government of India. Once the approval is granted, the groundwork for the construction of the expressway will commence.

Potential Benefits

Sunil Kumar, the Principal Secretary of the Road Construction Department, highlights the anticipated benefits of the expressway, emphasizing a notable reduction in logistics costs. The current transportation routes often involve lengthy journeys for the movement of goods. The Green Corridor Expressway promises to provide a more efficient and direct path, potentially leading to savings in fuel and time.

Economic and Time-Efficient Transportation

This strategic development is poised to make transportation within the state more economical and time-efficient. It holds the potential to benefit various sectors and improve overall accessibility for the general populace.

Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project that promises to reshape Jharkhand’s connectivity landscape.

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