होम News Birsa Munda Airport – Ranchi’s High-Tech Transformation Plan

Birsa Munda Airport – Ranchi’s High-Tech Transformation Plan


Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Airport as plans are underway to elevate it to a high-tech aviation hub, comparable to airports in Delhi and Mumbai. The aim is to provide passengers with a range of modern amenities, following the model of metro cities.

Birsa Munda Airport: A ₹100 Crore High-Tech Upgrade

During a recent meeting attended by various officials, including Member of Parliament Sanjay Seth, plans were unveiled for the airport’s comprehensive development. From a revamped cafeteria to the establishment of a library and lounge, the proposal encompasses various aspects to enhance the overall airport experience.

Sanjay Seth, the Member of Parliament representing Ranchi, shared insights into the additional modern facilities that travelers can expect at Birsa Munda Airport. Presently, finding a comfortable spot to sit at the airport remains a challenge, and during inclement weather, passengers face inconvenience. However, the upcoming changes aim to alleviate these concerns by providing world-class facilities at Ranchi Airport.

₹100 Crore Allocated for Development

Sanjay Seth revealed that the development project for Birsa Munda Airport is estimated to cost ₹100 crore. The investment will facilitate the incorporation of state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers. Plans include improvements to the existing terminal area, creating ample parking space near the old terminal, and constructing canopies to shield travelers from the elements during hot and rainy days.

Furthermore, the interior of the airport will undergo expansion on the first floor, providing seating for 500 to 600 people, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere for passengers. Additional amenities such as a library, cafeteria, and other conveniences will be introduced.

Sanjay Seth highlighted that the Central Government grants a luggage allowance of up to 25 kilograms for students traveling by flight, requiring them only to show their college ID card.

Stay tuned for more updates on the transformation of Birsa Munda Airport, as Ranchi’s aviation landscape evolves into a modern and passenger-friendly hub.

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