होम Uncategorized “Crimes Against Women in Jharkhand: A Disturbing Reality Revealed”

“Crimes Against Women in Jharkhand: A Disturbing Reality Revealed”


In a startling revelation, Jharkhand has emerged as the fourth-ranking state in India for crimes against women, as per a recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The data lays bare the distressing scenario prevailing in the state, with Dhanbad district leading in the number of cases related to women harassment, closely followed by Giridih and Bokaro. As the report delves into the status of crimes against women in various districts of Jharkhand, it raises urgent concerns about women’s safety and security in the region.

The NCRB report discloses that in the year 2020, a staggering total of 13,860 cases of crimes against women were registered in Jharkhand, out of which 2,216 incidents were specifically classified as women harassment. Shockingly, Dhanbad district alone accounted for a significant 403 cases of women harassment, representing 18.2% of the state’s total. Giridih district trailed behind with 247 cases (11.1%), while Bokaro district followed closely with 222 cases (10%).

Looking at other districts, Ranchi recorded 197 cases of women harassment (8.9% of the state’s total), Hazaribagh had 169 cases (7.6%), Jamshedpur reported 152 cases (6.9%), Deoghar saw 131 cases (5.9%), and Dumka documented 115 cases (5.2%).

Remarkably, certain districts reported lower numbers of women harassment cases in 2020, with Pakur district recording only 4 cases, Godda with 7 cases, Sahebganj with 8 cases, Chatra with 9 cases, and Latehar with 10 cases. Although these figures offer some relief, it underscores the need for comprehensive measures to safeguard women across all districts of Jharkhand.

Beyond women harassment, the NCRB report also sheds light on other disturbing forms of crimes against women in the state, encompassing rape, kidnapping, dowry death, domestic violence, and cruelty by husbands or relatives. This comprehensive overview serves as a wakeup call for Jharkhand to take swift and resolute action in ensuring the safety and security of its women populace. Urgent steps are imperative to foster a safer environment where women can thrive without fear, reclaiming their rightful place as equal members of society. Only through a concerted effort, united as a community, can Jharkhand rise above these grim statistics and pave the way for a brighter, safer, and more inclusive future for all.

conclusion, the alarming report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) sheds light on the prevalence of crimes against women in Jharkhand. With Dhanbad district leading in cases of women harassment, urgent action is required to ensure the safety and security of women across the state. The findings underscore the need for comprehensive measures, from addressing domestic violence to tackling rape and kidnapping. It is crucial for Jharkhand to prioritize women’s empowerment, enact stringent laws, and foster a society where women can thrive without fear. Together, we can create a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

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