होम News Tackling Cybercrime in Jharkhand: Operation Clean by the Police

Tackling Cybercrime in Jharkhand: Operation Clean by the Police


In the state of Jharkhand, the police have taken a significant step forward in the battle against cybercrime with the implementation of “Operation Clean.” This initiative is geared towards identifying and apprehending individuals involved in online fraud, phishing, hacking, and various other cyber offenses.

One of the primary approaches employed under Operation Clean involves closely tracking the unique IMEI numbers of mobile devices and monitoring the usage of SIM cards used by suspected criminals. The IMEI number, a distinctive 15-digit code assigned to each mobile device, serves as a powerful tool to trace a mobile device’s location and usage patterns. Meanwhile, the SIM card, a small chip storing the user’s identity and phone number, provides access to the mobile network.

To enhance their capabilities, the police have acquired specialized software and hardware to effectively track IMEI numbers and monitor SIM cards associated with cybercriminal activities. Furthermore, a dedicated cyber unit has been established at the police headquarters in Ranchi to proactively monitor and investigate cybercrime cases.

The police have already achieved successes in solving cybercrime cases through these advanced techniques, leading to the arrest of numerous offenders and the recovery of substantial amounts of money. They encourage the public to exercise caution while using online platforms, avoid sharing personal and financial details with unknown sources, and promptly report any cybercrime incidents to the authorities. The police remain steadfast in their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of citizens within the digital realm, and they will continue taking strict action against cybercriminals. Stay safe online!

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