होम Politics Geeta Koda in Mohanpur : Election Commission Takes Notice

Geeta Koda in Mohanpur : Election Commission Takes Notice


Geeta Koda, who arrived to interact with the villagers in Mohanpur village of Gumla district, found herself embroiled in a controversy when she was allegedly detained by the rural folks and Jharmumo activists for nearly two hours. The matter was escalated to the Election Commission thereafter. Chief Electoral Officer Ravi Kumar of the state has directed the Deputy Commissioner to investigate the matter and submit a report.

Based on the complaint filed with the Election Commission, action has been demanded against the SP and the concerned station in-charge of the district, along with a request to remove them from election duty.

In this incident, on Monday, Sudhir Srivastava, the legal coordinator of BJP, along with party members Ravindra Nath Kishor and Laxmi Kumari, met with the Chief Electoral Officer Ravi Kumar of the state and submitted a complaint letter.

As per the complaint filed by BJP workers, it was alleged that an attempt was made to inform the SP about the incident via phone, but no response was received.

6 unnamed Jharmumo activists, along with approximately 50 others, have been charged in this case. Additionally, demands have been made to take stringent action against them and to keep them away from election activities.

Post the aforementioned incident, Geeta Koda had previously lodged a complaint stating that despite a pre-scheduled program, she was not provided security by the local Gumharia police, leading to the occurrence of this incident. She alleged that she was obstructed in an organized manner and subjected to assault along with party workers.

In this case, Geeta Koda, along with 20 BJP leaders, have also filed a counter-case.

In light of this, following the filing of complaints from both sides, a counter-case has been registered against Geeta Koda and 20 other BJP leaders by the villagers of Mohanpur and Samarthak supporters in Gumharia police station. On Sunday night, a significant number of villagers from Mohanpur gathered and lodged a primary complaint against 20 BJP leaders, including Member of Parliament Geeta Koda, at the Gumharia police station. Station in-charge Raju informed that upon receiving complaints from both sides, an investigation has been initiated under the direction of the Saraykela SDPO.

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