होम News Jharkhand Government Restricts Outside Agencies’ Power to Summon Officials

Jharkhand Government Restricts Outside Agencies’ Power to Summon Officials


In a recent decision, Jharkhand Government Restricts Outside Agencies the Jharkhand Cabinet has passed a proposal to limit the authority of external agencies, including the CBI and ED, to easily question government officials in the state. According to the directives, if any external agency wishes to issue a notice or summons to a government official, the official must first inform their department head. The department head will then promptly relay this information to the Cabinet Secretariat and the Vigilance Department for necessary action, without unnecessary delays.

legal advice and provide guidance

Following this, the Vigilance Department will seek legal advice and provide guidance to the concerned official based on legal consultation. Officials will collaborate with investigating agencies as required, ensuring a coordinated and legally sound approach.

This decision comes in response to concerns that investigation agencies are seeking government documents and records during notices or summons, a practice that contradicts existing norms. The Jharkhand Cabinet approved a total of 34 proposals during its meeting, with Cabinet Secretary Vandana Dadel providing the details. This move aims to strike a balance between accountability and safeguarding government documents.

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