होम News Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme Inaugurated in Siktiya, Devghar, Jharkhand

Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme Inaugurated in Siktiya, Devghar, Jharkhand


In a significant stride towards agricultural development, Chief Minister Hemant Soren inaugurated the Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme in Siktiya, located in Devghar district, Jharkhand. Addressing the event, Agriculture Minister Badal emphasized the government’s commitment to the welfare of Jharkhand’s people and the upliftment of its farmers. He highlighted that the benefits of the Siktiya Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme would extend not only to Devghar but also to farmers in Jamtara district.

Badal underscored the uniqueness of this irrigation project, which ensures irrigation facilities without displacing any families. This project, costing 40 billion rupees and covering 40,000 hectares, is one among various initiatives initiated using the same groundbreaking technology.

Present at the occasion, legislator Hafizul Hasil expressed his admiration for Chief Minister Shibu Soren’s dedication, citing how Soren’s efforts had led to the current prosperity being enjoyed by the people of Jharkhand. He criticized the previous BJP government, alleging their mismanagement of the state’s mineral resources and commended the present government’s initiatives, even as external agencies created obstacles.

Legislator Irfan Ansari also lauded the Chief Minister’s vision, particularly regarding the Siktiya Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme. Ansari pointed out that although he had proposed a similar project during the BJP government’s tenure, it was only under Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s leadership that this vision became a reality. He stressed that this irrigation system would elevate agriculture, particularly rice, mustard, mung bean, wheat, and maize cultivation in the proposed areas.

The Siktiya Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme is an innovative solution to the water scarcity issue faced by regions like Siktiya, Karo, Vidyasagar, and Jamtara. Traditionally, these agricultural lands, located at higher altitudes, were unable to benefit from conventional canal systems. With the implementation of this scheme, water from the Ajay Barrage will be lifted using pumping motors and distributed through pipelines, ensuring consistent irrigation to the cultivated fields.

This initiative not only represents a monumental leap for Jharkhand’s agricultural sector but also embodies a unique approach to irrigation, promising sustainable growth for the farming communities in the region.

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