होम News The Impact of Monsoon Disruptions on Jharkhand’s Agriculture:2023

The Impact of Monsoon Disruptions on Jharkhand’s Agriculture:2023


The agricultural sector in Jharkhand took a hit in the Kharif season of 2023 due to the unruly monsoon, causing substantial losses for farmers. Nearly 28 lakh hectares of land faced difficulties in cultivating Kharif crops. As a consequence, concerns are arising about the upcoming Rabi season, as indicated by a report from the agricultural department.

Challenges in Rabi Crop Cultivation:

The scarcity of irrigation facilities has significantly impacted Rabi crop cultivation. The cultivation targets for crops like wheat, maize, gram, lentils, peas, and sesame have fallen considerably short in the state. Despite the efforts of the agricultural department, the primary reason for lagging behind in Rabi cultivation is the dependency on rainfall for crops, with insufficiently developed irrigation infrastructure. Many wells are already drying up due to inadequate rainfall during the previous monsoon season.

CropTargeted HectaresActual Cultivated HectaresPercentage Achieved

The deficient irrigation infrastructure and the impact of a reduced monsoon have raised concerns for Rabi crop cultivation in Jharkhand. The state needs to focus on developing robust irrigation systems to ensure a stable and productive agricultural future.

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