होम News Jharkhand’s Health Alert: Cancer and Rabies Now Notifiable

Jharkhand’s Health Alert: Cancer and Rabies Now Notifiable


the Jharkhand state cabinet has approved proposals to designate cancer and rabies as notifiable diseases. Proposed by the state department of health, medical education, and family welfare, these decisions will require both private and government hospitals in Jharkhand to report patient details concerning cancer and rabies diagnoses to the health department. This initiative aims to establish a comprehensive database, enabling the government to track cases and strategize for effective policy formulation in the future.{Jharkhand’s Health Alert}

Until now, the state lacked a systematic method to collect data on cancer and rabies cases, as well as related fatalities. By making these diseases notifiable, the government aims to enhance its response mechanisms and provide targeted support to those affected.

Moreover, the state cabinet has greenlit two vital policies designed to safeguard biometric and Aadhaar data used by government departments. These policies, titled the “Information Security Policy for Aadhaar Ecosystem of 2023” and “Data Privacy Policy of 2023,” ensure the protection of sensitive data from potential breaches. Government welfare schemes, including ration distribution and issuance of caste certificates, rely on Aadhaar-enabled biometric systems. The implementation of stringent data protection policies will bolster the security of these crucial systems.

In a bid to address water scarcity during the scorching summer months, the state government has allocated Rs 463 crore to the water resources department. This funding will facilitate the installation of 43,510 hand pumps across 4,351 panchayats in the state. The initiative aims to provide reliable access to clean water, particularly in rural areas, ensuring communities are better equipped to cope with water challenges.

Additionally, the cabinet has introduced the “Mukhyamantri Panchayat Protsahan Puraskar Yojana,” a scheme designed to recognize and reward exemplary performance by gram panchayats, block panchayats, and zila parishads. Acknowledging achievements in crucial sectors like health, education, mobility, and scheme implementation, this initiative encourages local governing bodies to excel in their service delivery.

In terms of law enforcement, the home department’s proposal for the establishment of a new Vidhan Sabha police station in Ranchi has been approved. Furthermore, the Rahe police outpost is set to be upgraded to a full-fledged police station, and two new outposts in Chama and Jarga will be established. These developments aim to enhance security and law enforcement in the region.

Lastly, the cabinet has streamlined the regulations pertaining to the placement of surrendered left-wing extremists in the state’s open jails. These revisions, based on recommendations by the Director General of Police (DGP), are aimed at ensuring a more effective and secure rehabilitation process for former extremists.

These decisions underscore the state government’s commitment to public health, data security, water accessibility, and law enforcement, signaling a proactive approach towards addressing critical issues and fostering overall development in Jharkhand.

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