होम Sports Jharkhand’s Rising Stars Shine in IPL

Jharkhand’s Rising Stars Shine in IPL


The IPL auction is a rollercoaster of emotions, and this year, Jharkhand’s cricket prodigies stole the show. Gumla’s explosive batsman and wicketkeeper, Robin Minz, joined Gujarat Titans, while Ranchi’s left-arm pacer, Sushant Mishra, also made his mark with the same team. Meanwhile, Delhi Capitals secured a promising talent from Bokaro, the 19-year-old wicket-keeper batter, Kumar Kushagra. Let’s dive into the fascinating journey of these young cricketers.

Gumla’s Powerhouse: Robin Minz

Jharkhand's Rising Stars Shine in IPL
From District Hero to IPL Sensation

Robin Minz, hailing from Gumla, caught the eye of Gujarat Titans after impressive trials with Mumbai Indians. The Titans secured this explosive talent for a whopping Rs 3 crore 60 lakh. But this journey was not a cakewalk; Robin’s prowess was acknowledged earlier by Delhi, yet he chose the Titans.

Family Support and Six Years of Dominance

Behind every successful player is a supportive family. Robin’s retired military father and housewife mother have been pillars of strength in his cricket journey. A six-year stint with the Gumla District Cricket Team showcased Robin’s consistency and explosive batting prowess.

Praises from the District Cricket Association

Jitendra Kumar Singh and Manoj Kumar Choudhary, representing the Gumla District Cricket Association, lauded Robin’s innate talent. His back-to-back centuries in Deoghar and consistent performance over the years made him a standout player in Jharkhand.

Rising Star from Ranchi: Sushant Mishra

Jharkhand's Rising Stars Shine in IPL
Left-Arm Wizardry and a Bidding War

Ranchi’s pride, Sushant Mishra, a 22-year-old left-arm pacer, became a hot commodity in the auction. Gujarat Titans secured him for Rs 2.20 crores after a fierce bidding war with Mumbai Indians. Sushant’s impressive track record, boasting 42 wickets in various formats, justified the intense competition.

Bokaro’s Gem: Kumar Kushagra

Jharkhand's Rising Stars Shine in IPL
Delhi Capitals’ Strategic Move

Kumar Kushagra, the 19-year-old wicket-keeper batter from Bokaro, emerged as a sought-after player. Delhi Capitals strategically outbid Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, securing him for Rs 7.2 crore. His exceptional performance in the Deodhar Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy, coupled with being part of India’s Under-19 World Cup squad, made him a standout choice.

Record-Breaking Youngster

Kushagra’s cricket journey includes a double hundred against Nagaland in the Ranji Trophy pre-quarterfinal at just 17. This achievement marked him as the youngest to score 250 or more in a first-class innings, showcasing his extraordinary talent.


Jharkhand’s cricket landscape is ablaze with the success stories of Robin Minz, Sushant Mishra, and Kumar Kushagra. As they embark on their IPL journey, the spotlight shines on their incredible talent, hard work, and the unwavering support of their families and cricket associations.

In the fast-paced world of cricket, Jharkhand’s rising stars are set to dazzle the IPL stage, leaving an indelible mark on the league’s history. Here’s to a season filled with explosive performances, strategic wizardry, and unforgettable moments!


  1. Q: How much did Gujarat Titans pay for Robin Minz?
    • A: Gujarat Titans secured Robin Minz for Rs 3 crore 60 lakh.
  2. Q: Which team engaged in a bidding war for Sushant Mishra?
    • A: Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans engaged in a bidding war for Sushant Mishra.
  3. Q: What was Kumar Kushagra’s contribution to the Ranji Trophy pre-quarterfinal?
    • A: Kumar Kushagra scored a double hundred against Nagaland, becoming the youngest to score 250 or more in a first-class innings.
  4. Q: How many wickets does Sushant Mishra have in various formats?
    • A: Sushant Mishra boasts an impressive record with 42 wickets in various formats.
  5. Q: Which team outbid Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans to secure Kumar Kushagra?
    • A: Delhi Capitals strategically outbid Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, securing Kumar Kushagra for Rs 7.2 crore.
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