होम Politics Annapurna Devi took the oath as a Cabinet Minister in the Modi...

Annapurna Devi took the oath as a Cabinet Minister in the Modi Cabinet.


Annapurna Devi has been elected from the Koderma Lok Sabha constituency and has returned to Parliament. This time, she defeated Vinod Singh, the CPI (ML) candidate. She had also won the election from Koderma in 2019 and was made the Union Minister of State for Education. This time, her stature has increased as she has been appointed a Cabinet Minister.

Beginning of Political Career

Annapurna Devi’s full name is Annapurna Devi Yadav. Before joining the BJP, she was a member of Lalu Yadav’s party, the RJD. She first entered the Jharkhand Assembly from the Koderma constituency on an RJD ticket. Annapurna Devi’s political career began in 1998 after the sudden death of her husband, Ramesh Prasad Yadav, who was considered a prominent leader of the Jharkhand RJD.

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