होम News First Research Center in Bihar and Jharkhand Opens at DSPMU, Ranchi

First Research Center in Bihar and Jharkhand Opens at DSPMU, Ranchi


Ranchi, Bihar & Jharkhand – In a groundbreaking move, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University (DSPMU) is all set to establish the very first research center in Bihar and Jharkhand. This avant-garde facility, located in Ranchi, will revolutionize education and research, offering a diverse range of courses in cutting-edge disciplines including biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental science, and social science.

Quoting the dynamic Vice-Chancellor of DSPMU, Dr.Tapan kr. shandilya, “This center heralds a new era for education and innovation in our region. It will serve as a nurturing ground for aspiring students and researchers, enabling them to delve into high-quality research and innovation.”

Dr. sandilya also emphasized the center’s collaborative approach, stating, “We are committed to fostering partnerships with various institutions and industries, encouraging interdisciplinary research and development. This synergy will not only enhance the educational landscape but also contribute significantly to the progress of our communities.”

One of the standout features of this pioneering center is its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment. Geared to facilitate unparalleled research experiences, these resources will empower students and researchers to explore the realms of knowledge like never before.

Excitement buzzes in the air as the center eagerly awaits its grand inauguration, an event that promises to be graced by the esteemed Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren. His presence will mark the official commencement of a transformative journey, where education, innovation, and research converge to shape a brighter, more promising future for Bihar and Jharkhand.

Stay tuned for more updates on this monumental event as we embark on this thrilling adventure into the future of education and research!

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