होम News Vedic schools will open in Jharkhand.

Vedic schools will open in Jharkhand.


In the current political landscape, there’s a surge in discussions around the preservation and promotion of Sanatan Dharma across the nation. Political debates are buzzing, either strengthening or weakening the ancient faith. Amidst this, the coalition government in Jharkhand has made a significant political move, focusing on the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma. This move was sealed during the crucial third meeting of the Jharkhand Hindu Religious Trust Board.

In this pivotal third meeting, a momentous decision was made to establish Vedic schools in Jharkhand. Rakesh Sinha, a member of the board, revealed that currently, there isn’t a single Vedic school in the state. With the aim of imparting knowledge about Sanatan Dharma, teaching rituals, puja ceremonies, and providing education about the culture, the decision was taken. In today’s age, Sinha emphasized the importance of spreading awareness about Sanatan Dharma among the youth, making it essential to propagate its teachings.

In the first phase, the decision to open Vedic schools in Ranchi, Devghar, and Dumka has been finalized. This proposal will soon be presented to the government. Additionally, an important decision regarding the health benefits of temple priests was taken in the board meeting. Now, priests working in designated temples will be provided with health insurance coverage of up to five lakh rupees. The Religious Trust Board will bear the expenses, ensuring the priests’ well-being. Moreover, the board has also given its approval for the construction of temple committees, indicating a positive direction for the religious infrastructure in the state. This bold move signifies a strong step towards preserving and enhancing the cultural and spiritual heritage of Jharkhand

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