होम News Empowering Rural Livelihoods: JOHAR Project Transforms Lives in Jharkhand

Empowering Rural Livelihoods: JOHAR Project Transforms Lives in Jharkhand


What is JOHAR?

Jharkhand Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Growth Project (JOHAR). This groundbreaking initiative, generously funded by the World Bank and executed by the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) under the aegis of the Department of Rural Development, Government of Jharkhand, is reshaping the rural landscape.{Empowering Rural Livelihoods}

The JOHAR Project, launched in 2017, was designed to support specific rural households in diversifying and boosting their income. Its primary goal was to achieve a substantial increase in real income by 2023 in selected rural blocks of Jharkhand. This initiative builds upon the foundation laid by the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) in the state.

Recently, the JOHAR Project completed a baseline evaluation using a randomized controlled trial. This evaluation was supplemented by a non-random control group located outside the program area, providing a counterfactual scenario based on an additional quasi-experimental design.”

At its core, JOHAR is a dedicated livelihood-intensive project designed to uplift rural communities in Jharkhand. Its primary objectives are clear:

  1. Enhancing Household Incomes: By leveraging the region’s climatic advantages, JOHAR promotes high-value agriculture. Through systematic diversification and high-productivity production systems, it creates pathways to higher-value markets, ensuring financial growth for households.
  2. Providing Social and Technical Support: JOHAR establishes robust support and service structures. These structures offer essential social and technical guidance, aiding the overall social progress and livelihood development of the region’s poor.
  3. Building Sustainable Models: The project pioneers participatory social and economic development models. These models not only align with its objectives but also prove their relevance, sustainability, and suitability for replication, promising a future where rural empowerment is a norm.

Impact and Transformation

JOHAR isn’t just a project; it’s a lifeline for countless families. By promoting rural entrepreneurship, enhancing agricultural practices, and providing vital support systems, it’s ushering in a new era of prosperity in Jharkhand’s villages.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the heart of JOHAR, uncovering inspiring stories of transformation, economic empowerment, and social progress. Witness firsthand how this initiative is crafting a brighter, more sustainable future for rural Jharkhand.

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