होम News Jharkhand Initiates Free Water Connections for Urban Dwellers

Jharkhand Initiates Free Water Connections for Urban Dwellers


The Director of the State Urban Development Authority, Amit Kumar, announced on Monday that urban residents in Jharkhand’s cities will now receive their first 5,000 liters of water free of charge. This new regulation aims to provide access to potable water to approximately one lakh households, equating to about five lakh individuals.

Highlights from the Bidders Conference

During the Bidders Conference held at Judco’s auditorium, Amit Kumar highlighted key points:

  • Mutual discussion between both parties enhances company participation.
  • The Urban Development Department is working towards providing secure access to potable water in all municipal bodies based on top priority.
  • Alongside ensuring water availability, efforts are being made to develop water resources.
  • Free water connections are being provided to municipal bodies with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and the AMRUT scheme.

Insights from Project Directors

Gopalji, the project director, assured that all questions and concerns raised during the conference would be addressed promptly. Additionally, Sub-project Director Utkarsh Mishra provided detailed information about three municipalities funded by AMRUT and the Asian Development Bank.

World Bank Funded ProjectsNumber of Households
AMRUT Scheme Supported ProjectsNumber of Households
Rehla and Vishrampur10,271
Bardki Saraiya4,913
Banshidhar Nagar8,549
Chatra and Harihar Ganj15,671
Bada Harwa7,095

This table provides a clear overview of the number of households covered under each project funded by the World Bank and the AMRUT Scheme.

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