होम News Empowering Athletes: Chief Minister Hemant Soren Felicitates Sports Stars

Empowering Athletes: Chief Minister Hemant Soren Felicitates Sports Stars


In a spectacular event held at Khelgaon, Ranchi, Chief Minister Hemant Soren distributed a staggering sum of approximately Rs 5 crore among 222 players and 52 coaches. This grand felicitation ceremony was not just a moment of celebration; it was a vision unfolding. Chief Minister Soren expressed his dedication to making such events a continuous affair, not just within the borders of Jharkhand but echoing its message worldwide.

A Vision for Global Sporting Excellence

Chief Minister Soren shared his ambitious vision, stating that he aspires to see every game in the country graced by the talent of Jharkhand’s players. He emphasized that the young athletes from Jharkhand should not only shine on national platforms but also bring glory to India internationally. The goal is not just to create medal-winning athletes but to cultivate a thriving sports ecosystem across the state.

Rewriting the Rules of Recognition

Acknowledging the remarkable prowess of Jharkhand’s players, Chief Minister Soren revamped the state’s approach towards honoring talent. Gone are the days of meager cash prizes; now, no award is less than Rs 50,000, with a cap set at Rs 5 crore. In a groundbreaking move, efforts are underway to create opportunities for sports enthusiasts who might face physical limitations but possess a fervor for sports.

A Holistic Sporting Approach

To nurture sporting culture at the grassroots level, the “Sido-Kanho Youth Sports Club” initiative has been launched, empowering Panchayats with grants of Rs 25,000 annually. In areas affected by Naxalism, the Sahay Yojana encourages youth to embrace positivity through sports, reaching out to even more districts this year.

Revolutionizing Training and Support

For the first time in India, the Jharkhand Women’s Asian Hockey Champions Trophy2023, organized by Hockey India and the State Government, will take place from October 27 to November 5. This monumental event will feature teams from six Asian countries, including our own talented athletes from Jharkhand.

The introduction of the Johar Khiladi Portal marks a significant leap forward. This pioneering portal will centralize data on sports and players, offering comprehensive support and resources to athletes and coaches.

In a ceremony graced by dignitaries like Rajya Sabha MP Mahua Maji, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Vandana Dadel, Secretary to Chief Minister Vinay Kumar Choubey, and Sports Director Sushant Gaurav, former Olympians and sports enthusiasts were lauded. This event stands as a testament to Jharkhand’s commitment to sports, promising a brighter, more empowered future for athletes and enthusiasts alike

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