होम News Celebrating Diversity: Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra Emerge as State Fairs in...

Celebrating Diversity: Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra Emerge as State Fairs in Jharkhand


Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra to be Officially Declared as State Fairs

Two of Jharkhand’s most beloved fairs, Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra, are soon to receive the prestigious status of state fairs, as declared by MLA Sukhdeo Bhagat.

Representing Baridih in the legislative assembly, Bhagat revealed that he has sent a request to Jharkhand’s Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, seeking the official recognition of these two fairs as state fairs.

“The Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra hold immense cultural significance in Jharkhand. People from across the state and beyond flock to these fairs,” shared Bhagat.

He further added, “By designating them as state fairs, we aim to elevate their scale of organization and ensure a broader reach, benefiting a larger audience.”

The Bedo Padha Jatra is a Hindu religious fair held in the Bedi village of Ranchi district. This annual event, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, takes place during the month of Chaitra.

The Baridih Padha Jatra, on the other hand, is a tribal fair celebrated in the Baridih village of Hazaribagh district. Devoted to the tribal deity Mundaraj, this vibrant fair also occurs during the month of Chaitra .

Both fairs are marked by grandeur and revelry, featuring a diverse array of cultural spectacles like folk dances, music performances, and theatrical displays. Moreover, visitors can explore various food stalls and shops offering handicrafts and other local items.

Bestowing the state fair status on these two events is anticipated to boost their popularity and attract more visitors not only from Jharkhand but also from neighboring regions. Additionally, this recognition will help in safeguarding and promoting Jharkhand’s rich cultural heritage.

Additional Details:

  • Bedo and Baridih Padha Jatra are among Jharkhand’s most prominent fairs.
  • They are held annually during the month of Chaitra (March-April).
  • Bedo Padha Jatra honors the Hindu goddess Durga, while Baridih Padha Jatra pays homage to the tribal god Mundaraj.
  • The fairs showcase a variety of cultural performances, including folk dances, music, and theatre.
  • Visitors can also indulge in the culinary delights of various food stalls and explore local handicrafts and merchandise.
  • The state fair designation is expected to attract more sponsors and funding for the fairs’ growth.
  • Organizers can plan more extensive cultural events to enthrall larger audiences.
  • The state fair recognition will amplify the promotion of Jharkhand’s cultural heritage.
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