होम News Jharkhand’s Tussar Silk Shines in Republic Day Parade 2024

Jharkhand’s Tussar Silk Shines in Republic Day Parade 2024


As the nation gears up for Republic Day celebrations this year, the parade in New Delhi’s Rajpath will showcase a tableau inspired by the ‘Reshami’ (Silk) story of Jharkhand. The tableau, approved by the central authorities, will highlight the world-class production process of silk in Dumka, Jharkhand. Sixteen states, including Jharkhand, and union territories will present their floats in the parade.

Preparations for the tableau are underway, according to a senior official from Jharkhand’s Department of Public Relations. The construction work is scheduled to be completed by January 19, with a full-dress rehearsal set for January 23.

The theme of Jharkhand’s proposed tableau for the Republic Day parade is ‘Jharkhand’s Tussar Silk.’ The tableau will feature statues of tribal women warriors, Chief Commander Sinagi Dai, Deputy Commander Kaili Dai, and Champu Dai. Additionally, the display will showcase the life cycle of the Tussar silkworm, cocoon production, and the weaving of modern garments from Tussar silk.

The tableau will also depict tribal women engaged in Tussar silk weaving, designing and distributing modern clothing, adorned with vibrant models displaying Tussar silk garments. The cultural contingent of the state will accompany the tableau, presenting Jhoomar dance, traditional folk dances, and music.

Jharkhand contributes significantly to the country’s silk production, holding a 76.4% share in Tussar silk production nationwide. The shine of Mayurakshi brand Tussar from Dumka is making its mark globally, earning the city the title of ‘Silk City,’ a beacon for India’s silk future.

Cocoon Production Across 10 Blocks in Dumka

In all ten blocks of Dumka, cocoon production for silk manufacturing is carried out. Villages in Kathikund, Gopikandar, Shikaripara, Ranishwar, Maslia, and Saraiyahat blocks are actively involved in cocoon production for silk.

Engaging 3.5 Lakh People in Tussar Silk Business

Tussar silk cultivation, production, and business engage around 3.5 lakh people nationwide, with 2.2 lakh from Jharkhand alone. The exquisite Tussar silk from Jharkhand finds its way to nearly 10 countries besides various parts of India.

Aim to Produce 2,250 Metric Tons of Silk

In the financial year 2022-23, Jharkhand produced 872 metric tons of raw silk. However, the target for the current fiscal year is set at a more ambitious 2,250 metric tons of silk production. The state aims to significantly contribute to the country’s silk industry, showcasing its rich tradition and excellence in silk craftsmanship during the Republic Day parade.

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