होम Food Bhola Litti: The Perfect Combination of Taste and Health

Bhola Litti: The Perfect Combination of Taste and Health


Bhola’s Litti Chokha: A Culinary Delight in Ranchi

Bhola Litti: The Perfect Combination of Taste and Health

Bhola’s Litti Chokha, located at Tulsi Chowk near the High Court Square in Doranda, Ranchi, is a small stall that has gained a big reputation. This humble eatery has been serving delicious Litti Chokha for the past 75 years, retaining the taste of the owner’s father’s hands.

The popularity of Bhola’s Litti Chokha is not just limited to Ranchi. Celebrities like former President APJ Abdul Kalam, BJP leader LK Advani, and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) President Lalu Prasad have tasted the delicacy and appreciated its authentic flavor. The fame of Bhola’s Litti Chokha is such that people from all over the country take it with them while traveling back from Ranchi.


The Story of Bhola’s Litti Chokha

Bhola, the owner of the Litti shop, hails from Patna’s Barh. His father, Harivansh Kevat, came to Ranchi in 1956 and started selling Litti Chokha. Bhola learned the art of making Litti from his father and has been continuing the legacy for the past 32 years.

Bhola says that the secret to making delicious Litti lies in the right amount of spices added to the sattu. To prepare the Litti, they use good quality flour and sattu mixed with ginger, green chili, green coriander, onion, pickle masala, lemon, salt, and cumin powder. The sattu is prepared with mustard oil, and the stuffing is made with roasted gram flour and mixed with spices.

Customers can choose to have their Litti with or without ghee, depending on their preference. The Litti is served with potato chokha and tomato coriander chutney, which adds a tangy flavor to the dish.


The Litti Chokha cart opens every day at 5 pm and closes at 10 pm. Bhola and his team start setting up the cart at 4:30 pm and worship the stove before starting the business for the day. Initially, Bhola used to sell two dry Littis for one rupee and two Littis with ghee for one and a half rupees. Today, the price has increased, and two dry Littis with Chokha cost Rs. 80, while two Littis with ghee and Chokha cost the same. (Prices may be changed as we don’t have information on current pricing.)

The Legacy Continues

Bhola’s son Rahul Kumar, who has studied engineering, is now helping his father’s business. Bhola plans to expand his business and build a shop to cater to the growing demand for his Litti Chokha. Currently, Bhola sells around 800 to 900 Littis per day, and the number is growing steadily.

Over the years, Bhola’s Litti Chokha has become an integral part of Ranchi’s culinary heritage. The authentic flavor of the dish has won the hearts of many, and it continues to attract visitors from all over the country.


Bhola’s Litti Chokha is not just a dish but a story of passion, tradition, and love. The taste of the dish is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the owner and his family. The popularity of the Litti Chokha is not limited to its taste but also its authenticity, which is a rare commodity in today’s world.

If you happen to be in Ranchi, don’t miss out on Bhola Litti.

Bhola Litti is now available on two of India’s largest food delivery platforms, Zomato and Swiggy. This traditional dish, made with wheat flour dough stuffed with spiced roasted gram flour and served with a side of chokha, has gained immense popularity across the country in recent years. With the convenience of ordering through these platforms, customers can now enjoy this mouth-watering delicacy in the comfort of their homes. The availability of Bhola Litti on Zomato and Swiggy has also brought immense relief to those who crave this dish but have limited access to it in their local areas. Additionally, the availability of Bhola Litti on these platforms has made it easier for people to explore and experience the rich and diverse food culture of India.

Be sure to check out the menu to explore the delicious and authentic dishes.

Bhola Litti: The Perfect Combination of Taste and Health
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