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Ranchi Traffic Transformation: Four Roads and ROB Project Set to Revolutionize City Connectivity


Ranchi Traffic Transformation

Ranchi, is gearing up for a promising start to the new year, promising a significant improvement in its traffic situation. The city is on the brink of receiving a special gift – a comprehensive project involving the construction of four crucial roads and a pivotal railway overbridge (ROB).

The ambitious four roads project, spearheaded by the Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company (JUIDCO) with an estimated cost of Rs 1,200 crore, is set to transform key routes. From Kantatoli Chowk to Booty More, Ratu Road to Piska More, Harmu Bypass to Argora Chowk, and Argora Chowk to Kadru More, these four-lane roads aim to untangle the knots of traffic congestion and significantly cut down travel times across the city.

This extensive urban development initiative kicked off in 2018 with a projected completion date in 2020. However, unforeseen challenges, including land acquisition hurdles, the global disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and monsoon delays, led to a setback in the timeline.

Encouragingly, JUIDCO officials now report that the final stages of the four roads project are underway, with an anticipated completion date of March 2022. Simultaneously, progress on the Namkum railway overbridge (ROB) near Birsa Munda Airport is well underway, poised to wrap up by June 2022.

The Namkum ROB, stretching 1.5 km with an impressive width of 18 meters, will feature two dedicated lanes for vehicular traffic and two additional lanes catering to pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, thoughtful planning includes service roads on both sides to accommodate local traffic effectively.

The completion of these transformative projects signifies more than just an end to traffic woes; it promises a heightened sense of connectivity and accessibility for the residents of Ranchi. With the finish line in sight, anticipation is building among the locals, who eagerly await a smoother, hassle-free ride into the new year. Ranchi’s traffic makeover is not just a gift for the city but a positive step toward enhancing the overall urban experience for its residents.

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