होम News Jharkhand Government Takes Major Financial Step to Repay High-Interest Loans with HUDCO...

Jharkhand Government Takes Major Financial Step to Repay High-Interest Loans with HUDCO Loan


The state government of Jharkhand has taken a big financial step by deciding to pay back all of the expensive loans it took out from various sources. Rather, a lower interest rate loan from the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) is what the government intends to do. In this regard, by March 2022, the state will pay HUDCO a debt of Rs 200 crore. This is a calculated risk that should save the state a significant amount of money by lowering the yearly interest payment by Rs 18 crore.Jharkhand Government

Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, chaired by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, officially authorised the decision. In addition to this important financial step, approval was given to several other plans. One of them, Ramgarh, was established as a new district, indicating the state’s dedication to administrative advancement.

The cabinet also approved the funding of several development programmes meant to promote welfare and advancement throughout the state. In addition, a noteworthy achievement was made when the state administration chose to put the National Education Policy 2020 into effect, highlighting its dedication to improving Jharkhand’s educational system.

The state government’s proactive stance towards economic stability, administrative efficiency, and educational growth is evident in these collective actions, which ultimately translate into benefits for the people of Jharkhand.

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