होम News Prime Minister Modi’s Visit: Sindri Fertilizer Factory Inauguration and Tribal Interaction

Prime Minister Modi’s Visit: Sindri Fertilizer Factory Inauguration and Tribal Interaction


Dhanbad is abuzz with preparations for the anticipated visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 27. The highlight of the visit is the inauguration of the revitalized Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan LTD. (HURL) fertilizer factory in Sindri, marking a significant step towards enhancing the region’s agricultural capabilities.

Fertilizing Growth: Sindri Plant’s Transformation

Prime Minister Modi's Visit: Sindri Fertilizer Factory Inauguration and Tribal Interaction

The Sindri fertilizer facility, which ceased operations in 2002, has undergone extensive reconstruction to emerge as a state-of-the-art gas-based plant. This strategic move is poised to make a substantial impact on the agricultural sector, aligning with the government’s commitment to bolstering rural economies.

Digital Connect: PM’s Interaction with Tribal Communities

In a pioneering move, Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to interact with the indigenous tribal communities of Gumla district through video conferencing. This initiative aims to gain valuable insights into village development, living standards, and the practical impact of the ‘PM Jan Man Yojana’ on beneficiaries.

Grassroots Engagement: BJP Leaders Gear Up

To ensure the success of the Prime Minister’s visit, state BJP president Babulal Marandi recently convened a meeting with party leaders. Leaders from Dhanbad, Koderma, and Giridih Lok Sabha constituencies were assigned specific tasks to make the event a grand success, reflecting the party’s commitment to a strong grassroots presence.

Strengthening Support: Anticipation of BJP’s Momentum

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Aditya Sahu, in a meeting with party leaders, announced PM Modi’s itinerary, including an address at Baliapur airport and discussions about a potential road show. The BJP anticipates strengthened support in the state with the Prime Minister’s visit, recognizing the significance of his presence in shaping public opinion.

Rescheduled Plans: Previous Cancellation and Revised Agenda

Earlier plans for PM Modi’s visit on January 13 were canceled, affecting the intended inauguration of the HURL factory in Sindri. The rescheduling prompted adjustments in the meeting of prominent BJP leaders from Dhanbad, Giridih, and Koderma Lok Sabha constituencies. The visit, initially aligned with the Ayodhya temple inauguration on January 22, now stands as a crucial event for highlighting achievements and connecting with the people of Jharkhand

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