होम News Prime Minister Modi’s Virtual Dialogue with Pahadia Tribe of Jharkhand

Prime Minister Modi’s Virtual Dialogue with Pahadia Tribe of Jharkhand


Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a direct conversation with the Pahadia tribe in Jharkhand on Monday, employing the power of video conferencing as a part of the Janman Abhiyan. The live telecast of the Prime Minister’s program unfolded in the Panchayat Bhawan premises of Babupur Panchayat in the Boarijor block area, marking a significant step towards inclusive governance.

Video Conferencing Enlivens Local Participation

Adding a dynamic element to the engagement, the event incorporated a provision for video conferencing, allowing active participation from the local community. The Pahadia tribe, comprising a substantial gathering of men and women, eagerly attended the event, where they had the unique opportunity to witness and actively engage with the Prime Minister’s dialogue.

Exploring Development and Government Schemes

Prime Minister Modi, during the interaction, delved into the developmental aspects concerning the Pahadia tribe. He personally inquired about the transformative impact of various Central Government schemes on the lives of the community members. The Panchayat Bhawan premises served as a hub of information, featuring numerous stalls dedicated to government schemes. Attendees had access to valuable insights and awareness about the schemes aimed at fostering positive changes in their lives.

Key Figures and Noteworthy Presence

The event drew attention not only for the Prime Minister’s direct engagement but also for the notable figures present. DDC Asmita Toppo, Mahagama SDO Rajeev Kumar, Boarijore Chief Jasinita Hembram, and Babupur Panchayat Head Anjala Soren were among the distinguished individuals contributing to the success of this interactive session.

This initiative not only strengthens the bond between the government and tribal communities but also highlights the commitment towards inclusive development. The use of technology for direct dialogue underscores the government’s dedication to reaching every corner of society, ensuring that the transformative impact of schemes is felt at the grassroots level.

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