होम News Alert for Flight Safety: Concerns raised by high-rise buildings near Ranchi Airport

Alert for Flight Safety: Concerns raised by high-rise buildings near Ranchi Airport


The development of tall structures in the region of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has prompted the authorities around Birsa Munda Airport to issue a high alert. There is an increased danger of flying accidents surrounding the airport due to the presence of towering structures that block the flying zone. Several building owners have received letters from the municipal corporation in response to this concern. Alert for Flight Safety

High-rise structures are creating obstacles in the way of aircraft landings, according to Mayor Aasha Lakda, who made this announcement on Local 18. This is mostly because of the tall structures that are being built all around the airport. 55 structures that are taller than the required amount have been found through a survey, and the owners of these buildings have been asked to provide building blueprints.

55 Structures Present a Risk

We have requested the building plans for these 55 structures from their owners. 34 of these have been determined to be unapproved. Although just 15 building owners have filed their plans, other owners have stated that they intend to do so but have not yet done so. These structures have been built at heights over the permitted limitations, according to Mayor Aasha Lakda, without the building plans’ permission. Such buildings may be ordered to be demolished if the plans are not submitted.

Note that many of the residences, shopping centres, hotels, dining establishments, and other structures close to the airport are taller than what is allowed. Apart from that, some apartments have completely unapproved extra levels, and some hotels and restaurants have expanded

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