होम News Alert: 55 Bokaro’s Schools Face Closure

Alert: 55 Bokaro’s Schools Face Closure



A meeting was held for the principals of various schools in Sabhagaar, Bokaro, under the Jharkhand Education Project. During the meeting, Deputy Project Director Jyoti Khalko directed all private and government schools to complete the mandatory tasks related to Child U-DISE (Unified District Information System for Education) by July 31, 2023. However, as of January 16, 2024, nearly 90 private and government schools in the district have not fulfilled these requirements.

District Education Officer instructed the principals of these schools to attend a meeting on January 20. They were given a directive to complete the tasks related to Child U-DISE by January 22.

Action Against 55 Schools for Non-Compliance

Deputy Project Director Jyoti Khalko reported that the principals of 55 government schools in the district were absent. Due to the failure to complete tasks on time and disregard for departmental guidelines, these schools are facing potential closure.

It was mentioned that action will be taken to close down schools such as

School Names
Lal Bahadur Shastri Public School Patel Nagar Fusro
Gad is One Public School Sunday Bazaar
Nehru Bal Vikas Vidyalaya
Shiva Mahato High School
Shanti Niketan Nursery School
Indian Public School
Gyan Bharati Public School
Global Public School
NS Public School
Swami Sahajanand Inter College
Mukund Murari Mahato Public School
LD Memorial School
Adarsh High School Sector 12
High School Sector Two D
Gayatri Vidyalaya
Chacha Nehru Public School
Florence Nightingale School
Colonel Public School
Gomiya Inter College Swang
Saraswati Shishu Niketan

Along with 55 other schools.

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