होम News Jharkhand’s Education Revolution: Intermediate Colleges Now Plus Two Schools

Jharkhand’s Education Revolution: Intermediate Colleges Now Plus Two Schools


In a groundbreaking move, the Jharkhand government has announced its decision to transform all intermediate colleges in the state into plus two schools, starting from the upcoming academic session. This sweeping decision will impact a total of 1160 intermediate colleges and around 3.5 lakh students across the state. The primary objective behind this transformative initiative is to elevate the standard of education and offer enhanced facilities to the students.{Jharkhand’s Education }

Officials revealed that the intermediate colleges in Jharkhand have been grappling with numerous challenges, including a shortage of teachers, inadequate infrastructure, financial constraints, and outdated curriculum. Consequently, students from these institutions have found it difficult to compete with their counterparts from boards such as CBSE and ICSE. By converting these colleges into plus two schools, the government aims to bring them under the purview of the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). This move will enable the implementation of a uniform syllabus and examination system, ensuring a standardized and high-quality education for all.{Jharkhand’s Education }

Additionally, as part of this transformation, the names of these colleges will also undergo a change. For instance, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Inter College Japla in Palamu will be rechristened as Shaheed Singh Plus Two School Japla, and Lapung Inter College in Ranchi will be known as Lapung Plus Two School, starting from the next academic year.

To address concerns about the transition, the government has assured that existing staff and students of these intermediate colleges will not face any disruptions. Teachers will receive specialized training and orientation to adapt to the new syllabus and teaching patterns. Moreover, students will benefit from free textbooks, uniforms, scholarships, and various other schemes, ensuring their educational journey remains uninterrupted and financially supported.

In a bid to enhance the overall learning experience, the government has planned significant upgrades to the infrastructure and facilities of these plus two schools. This includes the introduction of smart classrooms, well-equipped libraries, advanced laboratories, sports facilities, and other essential amenities. A substantial budget allocation of Rs 500 crore has been earmarked for this purpose in the current budget, reflecting the government’s commitment to creating a conducive learning environment.

This transformative initiative is poised to revolutionize the educational landscape of Jharkhand, promising a brighter and more standardized future for the students. The government remains steadfast in its goal to improve the quality of education and provide enhanced opportunities to the youth of Jharkhand. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development.

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