होम News Hemant Soren’s Vision: Making Public Transportation Accessible in Jharkhand

Hemant Soren’s Vision: Making Public Transportation Accessible in Jharkhand


In a historic move, the Jharkhand state cabinet, under the leadership of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, has approved a groundbreaking plan on Wednesday. The plan aims to provide free bus travel to a significant portion of the rural population in Jharkhand.Hemant Soren’s Vision

Key Highlights:

  • Free Travel for Over Half of Rural Population: The ambitious initiative is set to grant free bus travel benefits to more than half of the rural population in Jharkhand.
  • Strict Regulations for Older Vehicles: The plan ensures that only new buses operating on new routes will be eligible for this scheme. Buses with more than 42 seats will not be granted permits under this scheme, emphasizing safety and efficiency.
  • Budget Allocation of 36 Crore INR: The scheme, estimated to cost 36 crore INR, has received initial approval for 25 crore INR, with the remaining funds expected to be allocated soon.
  • Launch Date Announcement: The scheme is anticipated to be inaugurated on November 15, marking the state foundation day, or on December 26, coinciding with the completion of four years of the government’s tenure.
  • Special Discounts for Senior Citizens: Senior citizens above the age of 60 will enjoy a full 100% discount on bus fares, making travel incredibly affordable for this demographic.
  • Inclusive Benefits: This initiative is not limited to senior citizens; it encompasses students, differently-abled individuals, hearing-impaired individuals, HIV-positive patients, widowed pensioners, and respected leaders of the Jharkhand movement.
  • Verification through Identification Documents: Access to these benefits will be determined based on identification documents issued by local development officers, village heads, municipal corporations, and municipal committees.

This groundbreaking scheme reflects the Hemant Soren government’s commitment to ensuring accessible and affordable public transportation for the people of Jharkhand. Stay tuned for further updates as the state gears up for the implementation of this revolutionary initiative, transforming the lives of millions.

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