होम News Jharkhand’s Drought Relief: ₹3500 Aid for Every Farmer, Chief Minister Directs Swift...

Jharkhand’s Drought Relief: ₹3500 Aid for Every Farmer, Chief Minister Directs Swift Action


Jharkhand’s Drought Relief

Chief Minister has directed officials from the Disaster Management Department to propose assistance funds to the central government. This step aims to provide economic support to farmers affected by drought using the allocated funds.

The current drought situation in 158 blocks across 17 districts due to low rainfall in the state was discussed during a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Hemant Soren at the Jharkhand Disaster Management Authority on Wednesday. The meeting, focusing on the Agriculture Department’s report, recommended declaring all these blocks as drought-affected areas.

The Chief Minister instructed officials to prepare proposals for declaring all 158 blocks as drought-affected regions. These proposals will then be presented for approval in the Cabinet meeting. As part of the relief measures, the state government will provide ₹3500 to every farmer in the drought-affected areas.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister directed officials from the Disaster Management Department to send proposals to the central government for assistance funds. This move is aimed at providing financial aid to farmers affected by drought, offering immediate relief to alleviate their economic burdens.

Acknowledging the plight of affected farmers, the Chief Minister emphasized the need to take appropriate measures to provide relief. Similar to the previous year, an immediate relief amount of ₹3500 per affected farmer has been approved for this year as well. Additionally, farmers who have incurred losses of up to 33% due to inadequate rainfall will receive compensation under the input subsidy scheme.

The meeting was attended by Ministers Banna Gupta and Badal, Chief Secretary EL Khiyangate, Principal Secretary Ajay Kumar Singh, Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Vinay Kumar Choubey, Secretary Amitabh Kaushal, Abu Bakar Siddique, and Special Secretary of the Agriculture Department Pradeep Hazari.

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