होम News Jharkhand Governor Approves Bill to Combat Cheating in Competitive Exam

Jharkhand Governor Approves Bill to Combat Cheating in Competitive Exam


Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan has given his nod to the Jharkhand Competitive Examination Bill. The bill, designed to tackle cheating and malpractices, imposes stringent penalties on individuals involved in fraudulent activities during exams conducted by bodies such as the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) and the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC).

Offense TypePenalties
First-Time Offense– Imprisonment for up to one year.
Fine of up to Rs 50,000.
Repeat Offense– Imprisonment for up to three years.
– Fine of up to Rs 1 lakh.
Cancellation of Candidature– Exam authorities empowered to cancel candidature.
– Bar from appearing in any competitive exam for up to five years.
Facilitators of Cheating– Individuals aiding cheating to face similar penalties.
– Includes providing unfair means, impersonating candidates, leaking question papers, tampering with answer sheets, or influencing exam officials.
Special Courts– Provision for the establishment of special courts dedicated to handling cases related to cheating in competitive exams.

Jharkhand Assembly passed the bill in September, following its introduction by the State Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto. He emphasized the necessity of ensuring transparency and merit in competitive exams, citing the prevalent menace of cheating that had tarnished the state’s image.

Education minister highlighted that the bill aims to create a level playing field for all candidates and expressed optimism that it would deter individuals from resorting to unfair means during exams.

Reactions from Students and Aspirants:

Many students and aspirants preparing for competitive exams have welcomed the bill, seeing it as a positive step towards maintaining fairness in the examination process. They anticipate that the new regulations will discourage dishonest practices and ultimately enhance the quality of public services in the state.

This development marks a crucial stride in the ongoing efforts to ensure the credibility and reliability of competitive exams in Jharkhand, reflecting the commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and meritocracy in the education system.

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