होम News Puri-Anand Vihar Train via Muri & Enhanced Ranchi-Godda Service

Puri-Anand Vihar Train via Muri & Enhanced Ranchi-Godda Service


Puri-Anand Vihar train will now pass through Muri. Additionally, extra coaches will be added to the Ranchi-Godda train for passenger convenience. This information has been provided by the South Eastern Railway’s Ranchi division.

Extra Coaches Added to Ranchi-Godda Train Considering the long waiting lists for trains in Ranchi, permanent increase in coach allocation has been made for train number 18603/18604, the Ranchi-Godda-Ranchi Express.

Train InformationSchedule
Puri-Anand Vihar Train via Muri
Train Number: 08481/08482
Route: Puri-Anand Vihar-Puri Weekly Summer Special
Operating Period: May 6th to June 24th
Departure from Puri (Train 08481): Every Monday
Departure from Anand Vihar (Train 08482): Every Wednesday
Departure Time from Muri: 09:57 AMDeparture Time from Anand Vihar: 11:50 AM
Departure Time from Bokaro: 11:45 AMDeparture Time from Bokaro: 08:50 AM
Arrival Time at Anand Vihar: 09:50 AMDeparture Time from Muri: 10:17 AM
Arrival Time at Puri: 09:30 PMArrival Time at Puri: N/A
Cancellation of Hatia-Jharsuguda Train on May 4th
Train Number: 18175/18176
Route: Hatia-Jharsuguda-Hatia MEMU Express
Reason: Ongoing development work in Chakradharpur division
Cancellation Date: May 4th
Train Number: 12812
Route: Hatia-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (Bi-Weekly) Express
Departure Delay from Hatia: 3 hours and 45 minutesDeparture Delay Date: May 4th
Train Number: 18310
Route: Jammu Tawi-Sambalpur Express
Departure Delay from Jammu Tawi: 2 hours and 40 minutesDeparture Delay Date: May 2nd
पिछला लेखPower Problems Plague the Ranchi
अगला लेखGas Cylinder Price Reduction

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