होम News Union Home Minister Amit Shah Marks 59th BSF Foundation Day in Hazaribagh,...

Union Home Minister Amit Shah Marks 59th BSF Foundation Day in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand


India’s Jharkhand state Union Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in Hazaribagh during a lavish celebration honouring the 59th anniversary of the Border Security Force’s (BSF) founding day. At 4:15 PM on Thursday, his helicopter landed at the BSF Training Centre in Meru. DG Nitin Agrawal and other senior BSF officials greeted him warmly. The Home Minister received the Guard of Honour during the event.

Amit Shah, the Central Home Minister, arrived in Hazaribagh and will take part in the BSF Foundation Day event.

Minister Shah is expected to participate in the Foundation Day parade at 10 AM following a night of sleep at the Meru Camp. Additionally, CP Radhakrishnan, the governor of Jharkhand, is anticipated to attend the ceremony. In order to honour the sacrifices made by the fallen soldiers, a moment of silence will be observed prior to the programme starting. Speaking at the pre-event annual press conference, DG Nitin Agrawal emphasised that the BSF presently possesses its 193rd battalion and made a suggestion regarding the potential for battalions to be expanded contingent on needs.

Jharkhand’s Battalion Extension Plan

In addition, DG Nitin Agrawal revealed intentions to form a battalion in Jharkhand with the goal of giving residents a chance to support their country while remaining near their homes. This programme complements the government’s efforts to empower women in the BSF. Currently, the BSF has 8,000 female officers and employees, which adds to the organization’s power. The proportion of women working in the battalions will rise in the future.

The BSF Foundation Day celebration is anticipated to be a grand occasion that will highlight the force’s dedication to national security by fusing announcements of strategic expansions with tributes to fallen heroes.

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