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Jharkhand High Court Eases Path for CTET and TET Qualifiers in Teacher Hiring Process


Jharkhand High Court has granted relief to candidates who have cleared the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) from other states. Chief Justice has directed the inclusion of these candidates in the teacher recruitment process. However, this comes with a condition that within three years of appointment to the teaching position, candidates must pass the Jharkhand TET.

Jharkhand High Court Directs Inclusion with a Condition

Candidates who have successfully cleared the CTET and TET examinations from other states can now participate in the teacher recruitment process, as directed by the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court. The court has imposed a condition that within three years of their appointment, these teachers must pass the Jharkhand Teacher Eligibility Test (TET).

Three-Year Window for Passing Jharkhand TET

While the court has granted this relief, it has attached the condition that candidates appointed to teaching positions must clear the Jharkhand TET within three years. This stipulation aims to ensure that teachers meet the state’s specific teaching standards.

Government’s Responsibility for Conducting TET

The court has emphasized the responsibility of the state government to conduct the Jharkhand TET annually. If the state government fails to organize the TET within the three-year period, candidates appointed under this condition will be exempted from the TET requirement.

Jharkhand TET Absence Since 2016

It is noteworthy that the Jharkhand TET has not been conducted in the state since 2016. The absence of this examination has led to challenges for aspiring teachers. The court’s decision comes in response to a petition highlighting the recruitment difficulties faced by candidates due to the non-conduct of the Jharkhand TET. The court’s order is expected to bring relief to many aspiring teachers awaiting opportunities in the state.

पिछला लेखDr. Sunil Chandra Dubey as Vice-Chancellor of Birsa Agricultural University in Jharkhand

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