होम News Ranchi City Bus Service: Durga Puja 2023 Routes and Fares

Ranchi City Bus Service: Durga Puja 2023 Routes and Fares


Ranchi, the vibrant capital of Jharkhand, is gearing up for a festive fervor during the upcoming Durga Puja in 2023. To enhance the convenience of devotees, Ranchi’s city bus service has rolled out a special initiative. During the festival, select city bus routes will operate overnight, catering exclusively to the devoted souls eager to partake in the festivities. What’s more, the fare for this special service is a mere Rs. 10 per person, ensuring affordability for all.

Seamless Connectivity and Affordable Fare:

Ranchi’s city buses, adorned with festive cheer, will ply on designated routes throughout the night. This extended service ensures that devotees can travel to and from Puja pandals with ease, immersing themselves in the joyous celebrations without worrying about transportation hassles. The minimal fare of Rs. 10 makes this service not only convenient but also pocket-friendly for everyone.

Routes and Timings:

The buses will cover key routes, connecting major Puja pandals and popular destinations across the city. Operating round the clock, these buses will provide a hassle-free experience for devotees traveling during late hours. Timings have been carefully planned to align with the peak Puja hours, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities without any time constraints.

Safety and Hygiene:

Authorities have taken meticulous precautions to guarantee the safety and hygiene of passengers. Rigorous cleaning schedules, sanitization protocols, and adherence to social distancing guidelines have been implemented. Masks and hand sanitizers will also be readily available onboard, emphasizing the commitment to the health and well-being of passengers.

Voices of Approval:

Prominent officials have lauded this initiative, emphasizing its role in ensuring a smooth Puja experience for residents and visitors alike. Commuters have expressed their gratitude, praising the convenience and efficiency of the extended bus services. Passengers appreciate the efforts of the authorities in making their festive journey comfortable and secure.

Durga Puja: A Cultural Marvel in Jharkhand:

Durga Puja holds immense significance in Jharkhand, reflecting the state’s rich cultural heritage. This brief article concludes with a nod to the historical and cultural importance of Durga Puja, highlighting how this festival unites communities and celebrates the spirit of togetherness in the heart of Ranchi.

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