होम Politics Jharkhand Assembly Budget Session Scheduled on February 23rd

Jharkhand Assembly Budget Session Scheduled on February 23rd


The budget session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly is scheduled to commence on February 23rd. On Monday, Governor CP Radhakrishnan approved the proposal for the budget session. The session will run until March 2nd, spanning a total of seven working days.

In this concise session, the state government will present the supplementary budget for the current financial year on the first day itself. February 24th and 25th will observe Saturday and Sunday as holidays. Discussions on the third supplementary budget will take place on Monday, February 26th. The budget for the financial year 2024-25 will be presented in the Assembly on February 27th.

Subsequently, debates will occur regarding the budget for the financial year 2024-25. Except for the first day, all days will have designated question hours. February 29th and March 1st have been allocated for the government’s responses regarding the budget. The final day will see discussions on bills and non-government resolutions.

The budget session was initially scheduled to commence on February 9th. However, due to the Cabinet expansion delay, the session’s date was postponed. The presentation of the budget for the year 2024-25 was planned for February 16th. Nevertheless, considering the Cabinet’s non-extension, the decision was made to reschedule the session. The ministers of Champai Soren’s government will take the oath on February 16th.

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