होम News JAC’s Calendar Reorganisation: Essential Information for the 2024 Intermediate and Matric Examinations

JAC’s Calendar Reorganisation: Essential Information for the 2024 Intermediate and Matric Examinations


The Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) has sent ripples of excitement and anticipation through the educational landscape by announcing the dates for the matriculation and intermediate examinations in Jharkhand. Let’s dive into the details of this significant development.

Exam Dates and Schedule

The academic calendar for 2024 will kick off with matric and intermediate exams, scheduled to commence on February 6, 2024, and conclude on February 26, 2024. Practical exams for both categories will follow, spanning from February 29 to March 12, 2024. For students eager to secure their admission cards, the wait will end on January 25, 2024, as they become available for download on the JAC website.

Shift Details

In a break from tradition, the matric exams will take place in the first shift, running from 9:45 am to 1:05 pm, while the intermediate exams will follow in the second shift, spanning from 2:00 pm to 5:20 pm. To facilitate effective planning, JAC has already made the date sheets available for both categories.

Single-Term Exams

Acknowledging the ongoing challenges posed by the coronavirus, the education minister, Jagarnath Mahato, has made a decisive call to conduct the exams in a single term. This strategic move aims to streamline the examination process, eliminating the need for two separate terms.

Change in Exam Structure

The shift to a single-term examination structure marks a departure from the conventional two-term setup. This transformation is rooted in the evolving needs of the educational system, adapting to the demands of the current situation.

Coronavirus Impact

The omnipresent impact of the pandemic has necessitated adjustments in the education sector. JAC’s decision to conduct exams in one term aligns with the broader strategies to manage the challenges posed by the virus.

Minister’s Statement

Minister Jagarnath Mahato clarified the rationale behind this decision, emphasizing that the prevailing circumstances no longer warrant the traditional two-term examination structure. The move reflects a commitment to efficiency without compromising the quality of assessment.

Expected Start After Holi

As the academic community braces for change, the exams are anticipated to kick off in the third week of March, post-Holi celebrations. The practical and internal assessment processes will be completed in February, setting the stage for a streamlined examination experience.

Reasoning Behind March Start

The decision to commence exams post-Holi aligns with a thoughtful consideration of the academic calendar and the best interests of the students. This timing ensures that students can approach their exams with a refreshed mindset.

Conclusion of Decision

In conclusion, the Jharkhand Academic Council’s decision to revamp the examination structure reflects a proactive response to the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. This strategic move not only streamlines the examination process but also showcases a commitment to adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity.

Preparation Tips for Students

For students gearing up for these revamped exams, adapting to the change in structure is key. Focus on comprehensive understanding, as the single-term format demands a holistic approach to learning. Utilize available resources and stay updated on any further announcements from JAC.

Impact on Results

The transition to single-term exams prompts questions about potential impacts on student performance. While the change may present challenges, it also offers an opportunity for students to showcase their adaptability and resilience.

Future Implications

Beyond the immediate impact, the move towards a single-term examination structure may have far-reaching implications. It prompts a reevaluation of the traditional academic calendar and could pave the way for future innovations in the education system.

Community Response

The education community, comprising students, parents, and educators, plays a vital role in shaping the success of these changes. Gathering opinions and reactions from the community will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of this decision.


As Jharkhand gears up for a transformative academic experience in 2024, the Jharkhand Academic Council’s decision to conduct single-term exams stands as a testament to the resilience of the education system. Embracing change, especially in the face of uncertainty, showcases a commitment to the continuous improvement of the learning environment.

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