होम Health Jharkhand’s Government Schools Introduce Student Health Cards

Jharkhand’s Government Schools Introduce Student Health Cards


A large initiative to generate health cards for children in Jharkhand’s government schools is beginning, which is a significant milestone for the students. The goal is to make medical treatments and health examinations more convenient. The National Child Health Programme is being conducted with the aim of diagnosing and treating ailments in children, according to Education Secretary Ravi Kumar.

As part of this programme, government school children in grades 6 and up will get thorough health examinations; the results will be used to develop health cards. Four categories of disorders, including birth defects, deficiency diseases, developmental delays, and disabilities, will be covered by the health cards for children under the age of eighteen. Children’s health will be tracked using these health cards on a regular basis, with an emphasis on ailments common in youth, such as developmental delays, problems with nutrition, dental disorders, and illnesses of the heart and lungs.

The initiative’s main goal, as underlined by the Education Secretary, is to detect possible health problems early on so that prompt and appropriate medical action can be made. By taking quick care of any minor illnesses, the chance of developing more serious health issues is reduced.

He went on to say that the first stage is to get the kids’ health checked out, and then they have to make a list of all the ailments they have. A health data card with detailed information about the children’ health will thereafter be created at the school level. To guarantee the program’s success, mobile health check-up teams will also be established.

The ultimate objective is to increase children’s knowledge of health issues because well-informed children are better able to concentrate on their academics. This programme is in line with the overarching goal of creating a vibrant and healthy student body, guaranteeing that their academic path is bolstered by strong physical health.

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