होम News Jharkhand Government Universities Holiday Calendar2024:Reduced Winter Vacation and Festival Breaks

Jharkhand Government Universities Holiday Calendar2024:Reduced Winter Vacation and Festival Breaks


Jharkhand Government Universities will no longer have an extended winter break. Christmas will be the only holiday, observed on December 25th. Summer vacations will be limited to just 20 days. Holidays for festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Chhath have also been reduced. The Governor’s office has released a uniform leave calendar for all universities for the year 2024. Previously, each university in the state determined its own holiday schedule. Governor CP Radhakrishnan implemented a uniform system last year.

Last year, Ranchi University’s annual holidays were reduced from 86 to 43 days, sparking strong opposition from faculty and staff. For the year 2024, universities had initially proposed a 78-day holiday calendar, which has now been reduced to 72 days by the Governor’s office. Previously, all universities were closed from December 25th to January 1st. Now, only Christmas on December 25th will be a holiday.

There might be a six-day break in January. Two restricted holidays are included in this. Holi will have a two-day break on March 25th and 26th. Initially, there were plans for a 16-day break from Diwali to Chhath. Now, the break has been shortened to only 10 days (from October 29th to November 9th). Universities can announce their own five restricted holidays. Governor Radhakrishnan had initiated the uniform system last year, ensuring consistency across all state universities.

It’s noteworthy that last year, he implemented this system, and now, Jharkhand’s government universities will not have an extended winter break. This means all universities in Jharkhand will share the same holiday calendar, bringing uniformity. As earlier, each university used to announce its holiday calendar, but due to Governor Radhakrishnan’s initiative, this will no longer be the case. As per the new calendar, there won’t be a winter vacation, and only a 20-day summer break will be observed.

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